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[08:26] <glazou> Zakim, this will be Style

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[09:00] <jdaggett> wee, good conversations ahead...

[09:00] * dsinger_ telepathy rules!

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[09:01] <jdaggett> glazou: btw, i'll ask around about the question you asked me next week

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[09:01] <jdaggett> glazou: it's golden week in japan

[09:01] <jdaggett> yeah

[09:01] <jdaggett> ok, great

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[09:01] <jdaggett> so he wasn't working on the css3 text spec

[09:01] <jdaggett> dear, dear

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[09:03] <glazou> Zakim, aabb is howcome

[09:03] <Zakim> sorry, glazou, I do not recognize a party named 'aabb'

[09:03] <jdaggett> must be a bad week for the semantic web

[09:03] * sylvaing is impressed that dbaron remembers when people recognize his phone number

[09:03] <Zakim> +SteveZ

[09:04] * dbaron when *bots* recognize my phone number :-)

[09:04] * glazou waits for "or good afternoon" :-)

[09:04] * sylvaing dbaron, even better :)

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[09:05] <danielweck> http://www.w3.org/2006/tools/wiki/Zakim_Tips

[09:05] <dbaron> http://www.w3.org/1998/12/bridge/info/name.php3

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[09:05] * dsinger_ zakim caches for a while, and between the web site and the database there is a manual step

[09:05] <sylvaing> scribenick: sylvaing

[09:06] <Zakim> -bradk

[09:06] <sylvaing> glazou: extra agenda items ?

[09:06] * bradk got dropped

[09:06] <sylvaing> jdaggett: I'd like to take over editing of the line layout spec

[09:06] <sylvaing> jdaggett: and an update on the charter if possible

[09:07] <Zakim> +bradk

[09:07] <sylvaing> TOPIC: CSSWG Charter

[09:07] <sylvaing> jdaggett: looking at the draft charter, the line grid spec ended on the charter as a medium priority spec even though we haven't discussed this

[09:08] <sylvaing> jdaggett: i'm not sure it should be a separate spec vs. being part of line layout. there seems to be a lot of overlap. why is it in the charter and how did it end up on the status page ?

[09:08] * dbaron Zakim, who is on the phone?

[09:08] * Zakim sees on the phone: jdaggett, plinss, danielweck, johnjan, glazou, [Apple], fantasai (muted), stearns, dsinger (muted), [Microsoft], howcome, smfr, [Microsoft.a], dbaron, SteveZ,

[09:08] <sylvaing> szilles: I believe it was discussed in the context of line alignment across columns. and layout for east asian languages

[09:08] * Zakim ... bradk

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[09:09] <sylvaing> jdaggett: sure but when did we agree to make it part of the charter ?

[09:09] * dbaron Zakim, unmute fantasai

[09:09] * Zakim fantasai should no longer be muted

[09:10] <sylvaing> jdaggett: I don't think it warrants a separate spec.

[09:10] <sylvaing> szilles: for the sake of making progress it may be easier to list them as they are now

[09:10] <sylvaing> glazou: if it's on the charter we can work on it in the course of the charter

[09:10] <sylvaing> jdaggett: it is medium priority and the decision to make it so is unclear

[09:11] <dsinger_> This is a draft charter for discussion,right? And now we are discussing it.

[09:11] <sylvaing> szilles: the criteria for medium priority is a champion to push it forward. And Koji is the champion

[09:12] <Zakim> -dsinger

[09:12] <dsinger_> Anyone can propose into the DRAFT

[09:12] * dsinger_ hello AT&T

[09:13] <Zakim> +FabGandon

[09:13] <sylvaing> (agreement to wait for Chris Lilley)

[09:13] <sylvaing> glazou: what else about the charter ?

[09:13] * Bert sorry for being late. Had some business to finish.

[09:13] <glazou> Bert, you're listed by Zakim as FabGandon ?!?

[09:13] * dsinger_ zakim, mute dsinger

[09:13] * Zakim sorry, dsinger_, I do not know which phone connection belongs to dsinger

[09:13] <sylvaing> howcome: I'm championing GCPM so should it be medium ?

[09:13] <Zakim> +dsinger

[09:13] * Bert zakim, fabgandon is me

[09:13] * Zakim +Bert; got it

[09:13] * dsinger_ zakim, mute dsinger

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[09:14] <sylvaing> szilles: I think it also needs to get to LC or CR in the period

[09:14] <sylvaing> fantasai: we also used to require implementors working on it

[09:14] <sylvaing> szilles: that is a reasonable criteria for High Priority

[09:14] * Bert doesn't understand what is going on with our phones (or with Zakim). Yesterday I was Alexandra...

[09:14] <sylvaing> szilles: should we poll vendors on implementation interest ?

[09:14] * glazou lol Bert

[09:15] <sylvaing> plinss: we did a private poll last night. it could be helpful to update the data we collected last time

[09:15] <plinss> s/night/time/

[09:15] * dsinger_ bert should come to the identity workshop, he is clearly having trouble

[09:16] <sylvaing> glazou: we should stabilize the list and then run the poll

[09:17] <sylvaing> howcome: if those specs expected to reach PR are high priority then css3-multicol should be High.

[09:17] <Zakim> +??P13

[09:17] <kojiishi> zakim, ??p13 is me

[09:17] <Zakim> +kojiishi; got it

[09:17] <glazou> http://www.w3.org/2010/09/CSSWG/charter.html

[09:17] <sylvaing> howcome: everything being in scope I'm not sure we can read much in the hi/med/low ranking

[09:18] <dsinger_> We ought to prioritize staff, wg, f2f time etc. On the priorities

[09:18] <Bert> (I'm looking at the same as glazou)

[09:19] <sylvaing> glazou: taking the hi pri documents to CR is not the hard part. moving test suites along for them all is the larger work item

[09:21] <sylvaing> glazou: let's continue this discussion when Chris is present.

[09:21] <sylvaing> szilles: with the exception of jdaggett's and howcome's comment, does anybody on the call think something is missing or shouldn't be there ?

[09:22] <sylvaing> szilles: I thought ChrisL believed the draft was ready to go in front of the AC membership in two weeks so we should at least identify obvious bugs without waiting for ChrisL

[09:23] <sylvaing> glazou: my only concern is the number of documents in high-priority. are we creating an expectation of achieving PR for everything in high priority ?

[09:23] <sylvaing> szilles: there is no harm in having fewer things in high priority and exceeding expectations

[09:23] <sylvaing> glazou: yes

[09:24] <sylvaing> szilles: any good candidates to move from high to medium ?

[09:24] * dsinger_ Quit (Ping timeout)

[09:24] <sylvaing> glazou: this is something where poll data would be useful input since browser vendors commitment to implement and submit testcases is key

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[09:25] <dbaron> Zakim, mute fantasai

[09:25] <Zakim> fantasai should now be muted

[09:25] <jdaggett> somebody is talking in the toilet

[09:25] <dbaron> Zakim, unmute fantasai

[09:25] <Zakim> fantasai should no longer be muted

[09:25] <dbaron> Zakim, who is noisy?

[09:26] <Zakim> dbaron, listening for 10 seconds I heard sound from the following: johnjan (13%), Bert (17%), SteveZ (72%), glazou (46%), [Microsoft.a] (13%)

[09:26] <Zakim> +[Apple.a]

[09:26] <dsinger> zakim, [apple] has dsinger

[09:26] <Zakim> +dsinger; got it

[09:26] <Zakim> -dsinger

[09:26] <Zakim> -danielweck

[09:27] <Zakim> +??P5

[09:27] <dbaron> I think it may be a good idea... but I'd sort of like to think about it... and perhaps try it to see how it goes.

[09:27] <danielweck> Zakim, ??P5 is me

[09:27] <Zakim> +danielweck; got it

[09:27] <sylvaing> dbaron, agree. something we should pilot

[09:27] <dbaron> (it == requiring test suite submission for dropping prefixes)

[09:28] <sylvaing> TOPIC: publishing updates to css3-lists and css3-images

[09:28] <sylvaing> fantasai: these are request from Tab. I'm in support.

[09:28] <sylvaing> fantasai: for lists, we should resolve outstanding issues and publish

[09:28] <sylvaing> glazou: css3-images. any objection to publishing a new draft ?

[09:29] <smfr> http://dev.w3.org/csswg/css3-images/

[09:29] <sylvaing> dbaron: this draft seems to get more features

[09:29] <dbaron> dbaron: was originally something we were going to get out quickly, but seems to be growing more features, which makes that harder

[09:29] <sylvaing> I'd like to move gradients forward in level 3; the rest in level 4

[09:30] <sylvaing> fantasai: one of the items was the image annotation which we moved out from backgrounds & borders.

[09:30] <sylvaing> fantasai: we have implementation of object-fit et al. but under other names. these are implemented but not in browsers

[09:31] <dbaron> dbaron: now I'm a little less scared after reading through the TOC more closely

[09:31] <sylvaing> glazou: should we extract the parts that are ready for LC/CR ?

[09:31] <sylvaing> (some agreement to thin Level 3 and move the rest to Level 4 WD)

[09:32] <dbaron> I think cross-fade() is also wrong -- using the wrong definition in terms of porter-duff.

[09:32] <sylvaing> glazou: it'd be better to do these edits before republishing

[09:33] <sylvaing> fantasai: cutting features is easy as long as we have WG agreement on what to keep/what to drop

[09:33] <sylvaing> fantasai: I can do the edits while Tab is away

[09:33] <sylvaing> glazou: I suggest we move this discussion to the mailing list so we conclude on the cuts at the next telcon

[09:34] <glazou> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-style/2011Apr/0764.html

[09:34] <smfr> http://dev.w3.org/csswg/css3-lists/

[09:34] <fantasai> ACTION: fantasai start mailing list discussion on trimming css3-images

[09:34] * trackbot noticed an ACTION. Trying to create it.

[09:34] * RRSAgent records action 1

[09:34] <trackbot> Created ACTION-320 - Start mailing list discussion on trimming css3-images [on Elika Etemad - due 2011-05-11].

[09:34] * sylvaing thanks Elika :)

[09:35] <sylvaing> jdaggett: I think it would be helpful if Tab were here to decide on what list items are to be edited out

[09:35] <sylvaing> fantasai: for complex counter style, we should define Chinese ideographic because it's been defined and implemented before. EPUB needs it

[09:36] <sylvaing> glazou: are we OK with publishing now ?

[09:36] * nimbupani has joined #css

[09:37] <sylvaing> fantasai: there was discussion about the longhand style for ideographic counters up to large numbers. this has never been published and I'd like to at least have it as an appendix so we can refer to it later

[09:37] * nimbupani has left #css

[09:37] <sylvaing> fantasai: it'd be an informative appendix today, we don't lose this info and we still have the option of making it normative in the future

[09:38] <sylvaing> fantasai: ...so the spec can limit itself to a 10k range but we don't lose the correct information for ranges beyond that

[09:38] <dsinger> and indeed, is someone wants to implement something that is robust into the trillions, they should be able to

[09:38] <dsinger> s/is someone/if someone/

[09:39] <sylvaing> howcome: I think there is merit in documenting this. I'm not sure it needs to be in the WD.

[09:39] <sylvaing> jdaggett: numbering systems are complex. I think the features need to target use-cases.

[09:39] <sylvaing> fantasai: my concern is that we have published definitions that were wrong

[09:40] <dsinger> "Note: this algorithm truncates at 10,000; previous CSS publications went to a higher limit but had errors in the algorithms"

[09:41] <sylvaing> glazou: I propose to publish this WD as-is

[09:41] <sylvaing> jdaggett: sounds fine

[09:41] <sylvaing> No objections

[09:41] <sylvaing> RESOLVED: publish css3-lists WD

[09:43] * Ms2ger Quit (Ping timeout)

[09:44] <sylvaing> szilles: when we decide to publish a WD, we should also think of people who do not follow www-style on a daily basis

[09:44] <fantasai> Steve: Publishing WDs is so that people who aren't following the mailing list daily can keep up with what's happening.

[09:44] <sylvaing> TOPIC: Line Layout module editor

[09:45] <sylvaing> jdaggett: I would like to take that up as css3-fonts is completed

[09:45] <sylvaing> jdaggett: dbaron is the current editor and I'd work with him to get his pending edits in and take it from there

[09:45] <sylvaing> szilles: I would like to be considered as a co-editor.

[09:45] <sylvaing> jdaggett: I'm fine with that

[09:46] <sylvaing> RESOLVED: jdaggett,szilles editors of Line Layout

[09:46] <sylvaing> TOPIC: Kyoto F2F - agenda items

[09:47] <sylvaing> szilles: since we have the workshop the day before, i'd like items discussed in the workshop to being our f2f agenda

[09:47] <sylvaing> szilles: so that some attendees of the workshop can easily attend both

[09:48] <sylvaing> szilles: I thought the discussions of css3-text and css3-writing-modes would be relevant to the workshop. any other ?

[09:48] <sylvaing> fantasai: these are the main ones

[09:48] <sylvaing> szilles: maybe Line Grid as well.

[09:48] <sylvaing> szilles: I would like to have a discussion of Regions and Grid Layout

[09:48] * howcome has left #css

[09:48] <sylvaing> glazou: everyone, please gather agenda items for Kyoto

[09:49] <sylvaing> TOPIC: CSS Snapshot publication

[09:49] <sylvaing> fantasai: also our handling of prefixing which is defined in the snapshot

[09:49] <fantasai> http://dev.w3.org/csswg/css-2010/#experimental

[09:50] <Zakim> -danielweck

[09:50] <Zakim> +??P5

[09:50] <danielweck> Zakim, ??P5 is me

[09:50] <Zakim> +danielweck; got it

[09:50] <sylvaing> fantasai: our previous discussion was to clarify that section.

[09:51] <sylvaing> sylvaing: I thought dbaron wanted to think about it

[09:51] <sylvaing> dbaron: I think I'm fine with publishing

[09:51] <sylvaing> smfr: I think this is fine

[09:51] <sylvaing> howcome: no objection

[09:51] <sylvaing> szilles: i'm ok

[09:52] <Zakim> -bradk

[09:52] * bradk dropped again. arrgh.

[09:53] <sylvaing> dbaron describes a possible exception to the rule

[09:53] <dbaron> dbaron: I think we need some sort of exception for features that other browsers have already shipped unprefixed (e.g., 'text-overflow')

[09:53] <sylvaing> fantasai: yes, the CSSWG may allow certain features to be unprefixed for legacy reasons

[09:54] <sylvaing> szilles: I think it would be better for the WG to grant the exception

[09:54] <Zakim> +bradk

[09:55] * arno Quit (Quit: Leaving.)

[09:55] <sylvaing> dbaron: maybe we can note this as an issue for this publication

[09:55] <sylvaing> no objections

[09:56] <sylvaing> RESOLVED: release the document once this issue has been noted

[09:56] <sylvaing> TOPIC: Logo

[09:56] <glazou> http://daniel.weck.free.fr/CSS-Logo/

[09:56] * arno has joined #css

[09:56] <sylvaing> howcome: i like it

[09:56] <sylvaing> glazou: i like it too

[09:57] <fantasai> howcome and sylvain like the historic connection to the old logo

[09:57] <sylvaing> smfr: it looks 3d so i like it

[09:57] <fantasai> smfr: It looks 3D, so I like it :)

[09:57] <jdaggett> not a huge fan of gill sans though....

[09:57] <Zakim> -bradk

[09:57] * sylvaing just got the fear of his life. window cleaner rappealing down the building.

[09:58] <Zakim> -SteveZ

[09:58] <bradk> I'm not terribly excited about it. Why 3 boxes? Something about the box model?

[09:58] <sylvaing> glazou: thanks a lot to daniel for contributing this logo

[09:58] <sylvaing> plinss: i like it to but we were asked for a design brief

[09:58] * bradk dropped again, BTW, so can't hear call any more

[09:58] <sylvaing> glazou: a proposal can't hurt

[09:59] <sylvaing> plinss: I'd like to capture the intent of what we're going for

[09:59] <sylvaing> plinss: i.e. 'this is what we want out of a logo and this is a proposal'

[09:59] <bradk> I'm also tired of Gill Sans

[10:00] <Zakim> -howcome

[10:00] <sylvaing> Bert: so who will produce a design brief ?

[10:00] <sylvaing> danielweck: I wrote my own. maybe we can just improve on that

[10:01] <sylvaing> fantasai volunteers bradk...

[10:01] <danielweck> CSS3 Speech

[10:01] <danielweck> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-style/2011Apr/0746.html

[10:01] <bradk> gee thanks.

[10:01] <danielweck> phonemes

[10:01] <sylvaing> TOPIC: request to drop phonemes from css3-speech

[10:01] <danielweck> http://www.w3.org/TR/css3-speech/#phonemes

[10:01] <Zakim> -johnjan

[10:01] <bradk> It's 10:00

[10:02] <glazou> bradk: we're just a little bit over time

[10:02] <sylvaing> danielweck: the first link explains the current situation. there is a consensus that the phonemes property in the current css3 draft breaks the separation of content and presentation

[10:02] <Zakim> -jdaggett

[10:02] <sylvaing> danielweck: i also argue that EPUB will drive this issue forward using an SSML-based solution.

[10:03] <sylvaing> glazou: so you argue this is not part of css3-speech because it'll be defined elsewhere

[10:03] <sylvaing> danielweck: right. and also that this is more likely to be part of HTML given an EPUB solution

[10:03] <Bert> (I once proposed: 'phoneme-map: "ape" = \676\324\486, "bar" = \9084\7854\78=4' which picks whatever string actually occurs in the text.)

[10:04] <sylvaing> glazou: i suggest a note be included to explain this removal

[10:04] <bradk> As far as the logo goes, I don't have anything better in mind, and I thank Daniel for his work. I'd like to see us agree on a design brief and see something grow from that, starting with multiple sketches in order to define the direction for further tightening.

[10:04] <sylvaing> danielweck: that's fine with me

[10:04] * sylvaing can't hear Bert

[10:05] <bradk> Usually when designing a logo, there is more than one round of sketches and more than one week after the first round in order to arrive at a final logo.

[10:06] * smfr has to go

[10:06] <Zakim> -smfr

[10:07] <Bert> Peter's is indeed one possible implementation of my principle.

[10:07] <Zakim> -[Microsoft]

[10:07] <Zakim> -dbaron

[10:07] <Zakim> -danielweck

[10:07] <Zakim> -glazou

[10:07] <Zakim> -[Apple]

[10:07] <Zakim> -plinss

[10:07] <sylvaing> RESOLVED: remove phonemes property; include note to explain removal

[10:07] <Zakim> -[Apple.a]

[10:07] <Zakim> -kojiishi

[10:08] <Zakim> -[Microsoft.a]

[10:08] <Zakim> -stearns

[10:08] <Zakim> -Bert

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[10:08] <Zakim> -fantasai

[10:08] <Zakim> Style_CSS FP()12:00PM has ended

[10:08] <Zakim> Attendees were jdaggett, glazou, plinss, danielweck, johnjan, dsinger, hober, fantasai, +1.206.675.aaaa, stearns, arronei_, +47.21.65.aabb, +1.408.636.aacc, smfr, [Microsoft],

[10:08] <Zakim> ... +1.650.618.aadd, sylvaing, dbaron, howcome, SteveZ, +1.650.275.aaee, bradk, Bert, kojiishi, [Apple]

[10:08] <fantasai> bradk: I think the proposal was for you to draw up the design briefl

[10:08] <fantasai> bradk: not to design the logo

[10:10] <bradk> Ah. I could probably do that if I can find time. Maybe a draft to see if we all agree. I pretty much hate writing up design briefs, but I could probably knuckle down and come up with something.

[10:11] * fantasai has no clue how to come up with a design brief

[10:11] <fantasai> Working backwards from the existing logos, I'd say

[10:12] <fantasai> - Connection to the previous logo seems important to CSSWG

[10:12] <fantasai> - Sense of "cascading"

[10:12] * johnjan Quit (Quit: Page closed)

[10:12] <fantasai> - Sense of building something

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[10:36] <plinss> - modular components building on one another

[10:36] <plinss> - 3d logo vs 2d logo - more modern feel, impression of evolution from prior logo

[10:37] <plinss> - brings a feeling of "style"

[10:39] * bradk Quit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep)

[10:40] <Ms2ger> Zakim, please excuse us

[10:40] * Zakim has left #css

[10:41] <Ms2ger> RRSAgent, please excuse us

[10:41] <RRSAgent> I see 1 open action item saved in http://www.w3.org/2011/05/04-css-actions.rdf :

[10:41] <RRSAgent> ACTION: fantasai start mailing list discussion on trimming css3-images [1]

[10:41] <RRSAgent> recorded in http://www.w3.org/2011/05/04-css-irc#T16-34-11

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[10:42] <fantasai> you forgot to make minutes

[10:42] <fantasai> no?

[10:42] <fantasai> not that it matters much..

[10:42] * fantasai usually forgets to tell rrsagent anything

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[11:45] <fantasai> dbaron: were there properties other than 'word-wrap' and 'text-overflow' that need an exception?

[11:46] <dbaron> fantasai, hard to know... I don't necessarily know what in-CR but no-testsuite properties have been implemented by other browsers

[11:46] <fantasai> dbaron: no, I just mean pre-CR ones

[11:47] <dbaron> ime-mode is a third, I think

[11:48] <fantasai> ime-mode o_O?

[11:48] <dbaron> that might be it

[11:48] <dbaron> yep, ime-mode

[11:49] <fantasai> @_@

[11:50] <fantasai> should that go in the UI module then?

[11:53] * howcome has left #css

[11:54] <dbaron> maybe

[11:58] <fantasai> file:///home/fantasai/w3c/csswg/css-2010/Overview.html#experimental

[11:58] <fantasai> er

[11:58] <fantasai> http://dev.w3.org/csswg/css-2010/#experimental

[11:58] <fantasai> dbaron: How's that?

[11:59] <dbaron> hold on ... in a meeting

[11:59] <fantasai> np

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[14:29] <fantasai2> The ellipsis is rendered at the end edge of the remaining characters on the line according to the block container's ' direction' property.

[14:30] <fantasai2> Tantek: ^

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